That ONE THING That Makes All the Difference


Did you know that there is ONE THING that can make all the difference in your physique as well as your overall health. 


It’s the ONE THING that makes all amateur and professional athletes look so fit and healthy.


To be honest, I, too, have struggled with this ONE THING in the past, myself.  


And, it could be the ONE THING that’s keeping you from reaching your goals. 


It could be the ONE THING that’s keeping you from achieving the physique you hope to gain.


It could be the ONE THING that’s preventing you from feeling even better than you feel right now!




Just think about this for a moment. 


The difference that separates a healthy athletic looking person from a couch potato is consistency – in both nutrition and physical activity.


Crazy right? 


Could it all come down to habits..?


Sure, you know how to exercise and eat right. You’ve done it before! 


But, a plan to take your health, fitness and physique to the next level only succeeds when you consistently stay with it. 


If you’re like most people, you start. Stop. Then. start again.  Followed by  a few days off.  Then, get back on track. 


This kind of haphazard effort is exactly what is preventing you from achieving your goals to look and feel amazing. 




Research has shown that most people can stick with a fitness and nutrition plan for a little while. 


Anyone can complete a “short-term” challenge. 


Almost anyone can finish a 30-day program or at least put in two weeks of solid effort.


But, it is people who are CONSISTENT that achieve the big changes and experience the joy and triumph of real accomplishment. 


I want this for YOU!


I know that you see how valuable consistency is — and you want to do it. 


BUT, like most, you get off track time and time again. 


So…. HOW can you tap into being “consistent” in order to gain the overall health and physique you really want?




GET SPECIFIC:  Define exactly what it is you want and how to be consistent at it. 


For example, instead of saying: “I think I’ll start exercising pretty soon,” 


Say this: “I’ll do the 5:00 a.m. session on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.” 


Instead saying: “I think I’ll start eating healthy,” 


Say this: “I’ll eat XX number of calories per day divided into 5 small meals.” 


The more specific you define your actions the more CONSISTENT you’ll become.


IMPORTANT:  Remember, you are defining your actions – not your outcome.

Don’t use this step to determine what size jeans you want to fit into. That outcome is a byproduct of you being consistent with your specific actions. 


DEFINE YOUR OUTCOME:   Once you’ve defined the actions you can begin to think about that outcome –  and clearly DEFINE it. Be very specific!

How will you look?  How will you feel? How will your friends and family respond?


It’s perfectly alright to get your emotions involved with your quest. Daydream about getting to that outcome.  Go ahead and feel it. Take emotional ownership – as it will help drive your CONSISTENT ACTIONS.


EXECUTE – TAKE ACTION:  Now that you have a specific action plan and are emotionally invested in what you want – it’s time to take CONSISTENT ACTION toward your goals.


Yes, this sounds simple – and, it is simple. Be consistent.  Develop this specific consistent behavior.  Turn consistency into a habit — and you’ll soon be the amazing healthy person of your dreams!


Would you like help getting started on this journey?  I’d love to help you! 

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