Hello.  I'm Teri Katzenberger.  I am the founder and owner of the Live Well Now Academy.

Since 2000, I have dedicated myself to helping people live a healthy, well, fit, strong, whole life from the inside out.  I am your Fitness and No Diet Expert

My Moto:

"Success comes from the style in which you use, to achieve a healthy life".

"We certainly age each year, however, we do NOT have to be growing old in the process!"


A Walk in My Shoes...

Having "self image" issues and a chronic, health altering eating disorder for more than 20 years, as well as other chronic life altering addictions and life challenges, I can certainly relate to all individuals.


On my own personal health and wellness journey since 1991, I teach and train people about everything I currently do, and have done, to live a healthy, clean, full active life!


More people today, than ever before, want to feel good - look good and most importantly, live a healthy life. They do not want to be held hostage by their scale nor in bondage to health issues and ailments.

Finding the Way...


In 1991, I became a divine overcomer of entities that were meant to kill me.


At the age of 23, I left a grossly abusive marriage. I overcame a chronic drug and alcohol addiction. I overcame a chronic dual eating disorder.


That is when my own personal journey of health, body wellness, fitness and nutrition began. I was on a journey to save my own life!


In 2000, God chose me to teach, educate and help others live a healthy, well, fit, strong, whole life from the inside out


I have a Certification Specialization in Medical Fitness and Menopause Hormone Fitness. I also earned a degree in Fitness and Nutrition as well as a degree in Business Administration. I have numerous Certifications in Group Exercise, IMPACT Fitness, Circuit Training and Personal Development Training.


As life evolves, I believe in ongoing education.

Let's Talk..!

I have created numerous programs to serve people with all things relating to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. It is not a one size fits all!  I have helped people with:

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    Weight Management (my biggest loser lost 100 pounds!)

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    Nutrition. Meal Planning. Family Friendly Menus.

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    Exercise/Fitness. Therapeutic Fitness (Pre and Post Surgery. Cardiac Rehab. Joint & Muscle Issues)

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    Personalized Programs to fit individual needs.

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    Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Surgeons, and more, have referred their patients to me and have given my expertise, knowledge and services, a huge thumbs up!

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    Reversing the signs & dangers of diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol, etc.

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    Eliminating dangerous body fat & inflammation.

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    Help with anxiety, depression, mental and emotional health needs.

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    My Mission Statement: To Educate and Train people in Fitness & Weight Management ~ To enhance their lifestyle Physically ~ Emotionally and Spiritually.

I look forward to helping you to Live Well Now!
Let’s Grow Young Together!


Teri Thompson Katzenberger
Founder of Live Well Now Academy

✅  Menopause Hormone Fitness Specialist
✅  Fitness & Lifestyle Wellness Specialist
✅  Nutrition & Weight Management Educator

✅  Personal Development Trainer
✅  Functional Life & Health Coach
✅  Published Author