Lipotropic Plus


Engineered to specifically break down (emulsify) and transport fat to muscle tissue for combustion.

  • 90 Capletes
  • Assists in Lipid Transport to Muscle Tissue
  • Increases Fat-Loss
  • NO Caffeine – NO Stimulants – NO Jitters
  • Natural Formulation
  • Pre & Post Training Formulation for Optimal Fat Loss
  • Spec Sheet Download 


Spec Sheet Download 

Lipotropic Plus is all about “lipid transport” (moving fat).  By that, we mean breaking down fat and efficiently transporting it to your muscles where it will be used (burned) for energy.  It’s really that simple.

This proprietary formula is scientifically-engineered to assist in the breakdown, distribution and burning (oxidation) of fatty acids.

Your Fuel System

To understand the function of this formula, it’s important to explain your body’s fuel systems and its priorities.  Here’s a simplified version:

  • ATP (adenosine triphosphate):  If you jump over a puddle to the sidewalk, your body will call on ATP for the energy required to make the jump.  Your body has about 30 seconds worth of ATP.
  • Glycogen (blood sugar):  Once out of ATP, your body’s  second  fuel source is glycogen.  Fitness enthusiasts who begin their workouts with resistance training primarily use glycogen as a fuel source. Most people have between a 15 to 25 minute supply of glycogen.
  • Fat:  After your body has depleted its supplies of ATP and Glycogen, it finally taps into its almost unlimited, calorie dense reserves of fat.

Your Cardio Workout

So, think about a cardio workout on a treadmill.  You start out moving all large muscle groups and immediately burn through your ATP and within 15 to 20 minutes deplete your supply of glycogen.  That’s when your body begins to tap into its fat reserves for fuel — and that’s when the true benefits of Lipotropic Plus really kick in.

Accelerate the Fat Burning Process

During cardiovascular exercise fatty acids are released from adipose tissue and are transported through the blood to the working muscles where they are utilized for energy.  This is a natural physiological action when your body enters “fat metabolism” (approximately 15-20 minutes into a cardio workout).

However, the active ingredients in Lipotropic Plus actually accelerate the fat-burning process by breaking down fat cells into smaller particles (emulsification).

This breakdown or emulsification of fat cells into smaller particles is similar to how soap breaks down grease on dishes.

A Simple Analogy

Open a can of vegetable soup.  Floating on the top are big fat globules and little fat globules.  Imagine they are your body-fat traveling through the bloodstream to your muscle tissue where they will eventually be burned as fuel.  The smaller fat globules will get there first because they travel more freely.

Or, think of the difference between a single kayak and a 7-person rubber raft and how each might navigate down a river.  The kayak moves freely, efficiently and quickly because it’s smaller.   That’s the basic premise behind this proprietary, all natural formula.

Pre & Post-Workout Formulation

Lipotropic Plus is a PRE and POST-workout formulation. What does this mean?

Typically, a fitness enthusiast will take 2-3 tablets with plenty of water 30 minutes before (pre) a cardiovascular workout (of at least 40 minutes continuous duration) and then another 2-3 tablets directly after (post) that workout.

Even after you’ve completed the workout your body continues to burn fat for up to 2 to 4 hours!

Will You Get a Jittery Buzz..?

Many commercial weight-loss fat burners contain caffeine, bitter orange (a derivative of ephedra) or some other stimulant.  This, of course, creates havoc on the central nervous system and aggitates the body.  Somehow, people think that since their bodies are sped up that they are losing weight.  They are not.

Lipotropic Plus contains no stimulants.  You will not get a “buzz” or feel “jittery.”  Instead, you’ll feel more naturally energized and less fatique since your muscles are being supplied with fuel.  At a point where your quads typically  feel a“burning” sensation… you’ll note that they not only don’t burn, but feel strong and willing to go further.  That is the direct result of efficient “lipid transport!”

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