Power-Up Your Routine


Here’s an advanced exercise recommendation that is so simple — yet it makes all of the difference when it comes to your results!


Did you know that over 90% of “newbie exercisers” fail to achieve their goals — even after a full year of consistently exercising?


This shouldn’t be happening.


It shouldn’t be this way.  You deserve to get the best results possible from the time that you invest in exercise. 


The simple fitness recommendation has the power to change everything for you… 


Results = Level of Intensity 


In other words, you get what you give when it comes to exercise and results. 


And, it really doesn’t matter what kind of exercise.  From walking the neighborhood to lifting free weights. 


When you simply go through the motions, while staying in your comfort zone, then results will always be somewhere in the FUTURE – and NOT today’s REALITY. 


What Exactly is Intensity? 


Intensity is a measure of how much energy you’re expending while exercising. 


It’s just common sense.  The harder you push yourself – the higher your intensity. 



Of course, depending on age and conditioning, you most certainly should warm-up before you begin your routine. 


But, once you start, if you simply go through the motions of a routine, without digging down and giving it your all, then, the workout has low intensity and your results will disappoint. 


After your warm-up and you begin your routine, pay attention to how you feel. Could you be working harder? If the honest answer is “YES” — then step it up a notch. It’s worth it! 


The Benefits


In addition to achieving awesome results quickly, there are two more benefits to increasing your exercise intensity. 


When you increase your exercise intensity you can shorten your exercise TIME. This means less time spent going through the motions —  and more time doing the things you really love. 


The second benefit is the AFTER BURN that you’ll experience after an intense workout. Simply put, this means your body’s raised metabolism will continue to burn extra calories and body fat long after you’ve finished exercising. 


Intensity will supercharge your results! Just imagine how quickly your body could transform when you begin to harness the power of increased exercise intensity. 


Caution to the Over Achiever


One thing to remember, however.  It’s super important that you NEVER sacrifice PROPER FORM and TECHNIQUE in favor of intensity. 


As soon as your form starts to be compromised, reduce your intensity to where proper form is achieved.


Flame On..!


There you have it.   The number one way to guarantee a super TRANSFORMATION is to increase your exercise intensity. 


If you need help with this… just let me know..!