5 EZ New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthy YOU!



Most people make New Year’s Resolutions.  And, most people have a pretty tough time maintaining any of them. 


After years of failed resolutions past, why not make it a little easier on ourselves.


What if we choose a few “little things” that will make our lives healthier?


We’ll start with the healthiest liquid on the planet:


New Year’s Resolution #1: More Water


Our bodies are primarily made up of water.  Why not skip all the sugary fruit drinks and soda and, instead, start sipping on water all day long. A great way to make strides toward your “water goal” is to fill up the biggest water bottle you can find and go at it. 


Listen, water is essential to keep your body hydrated.  Your muscles will thank you. Your skin will thank you. Your entire digestive tract will thank you for the washing!


New Year’s Resolution #2: Morning Workouts


In today’s world, it can be difficult to find the time to exercise. One way to increase your odds for exercising each day is to knock it out first thing in the morning. 


Plus, if you workout in the morning, you’ll maintain a “raised metabolism” for the entire day.  No more sluggishness for you! See if you can adjust your wake-up time to accommodate a “morning workout.”


New Year’s Resolution #3: Add Protein


Most of us just consume way more carbs and fat than we really need.  Start adding a little more protein in your daily life by adding a 1 or 2 scoop protein shake into your menu plans.   Maybe swap it out for one of those carb-laden foods (like donuts, cereal, etc.).   


By adding protein you’ll provide your muscles with much needed protein for recovery.  And, if you consume some added protein in the morning, you’ll be starting your day off with some much needed nutrients after a night’s rest.  


If you’re one of the “run-out-the-door” to get to work people, then whip up a simple protein shake for. Breakfast.   It’s so convenient to shake up some protein powder and water to drink on-the-go. 


New Year’s Resolution #4: Show Some Love to Your Skin


Beyond drinking water to keep your skin hydrated, you really need to pay attention to your skin.  After all, your epidermis is the largest organ of your body! Just think about that… the largest organ of your body and it’s exposed to all kinds of outside elements… especially the sun.    


To keep your skin looking young and healthy, this is the year you keep a bottle of sunscreen on your counter. When getting ready for your day, make it part of your routine to spread some sun-shielding lotion on your face, arms, and neck. It’ll save your skin so it’ll look its best in years to come and maybe even prevent skin cancer.


New Year’s Resolution #5:  Stretch Every Day


Oh yes… it feels good just thinking about it.  Listen, one of the best ways to avoid injury, increase performance, reduce stress and just plain feel good is to take a few minutes to stretch —  every single day.   


In fact, how about multiple times a day.  Especially if you have a “sit down” job.


Light stretching throughout the day will wake up your body and allow for some increased blood flow to those “sleeping” and “tight” muscles.   


Big dynamic stretches are best performed after you’ve warmed up and before you begin the intense portion of your workouts. 


Your body will thank you for stretching by reducing stress, feeling more nimble and even sleeping better at night.


So, there you go…


There’s five easy New Year’s resolutions that you can pull off with hardly any effort.  Just a few behavior patterns to revise and you’re off to a winning start for 2020!


Let’s get started! 



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